The Melville Hall airport is Dominica’s original and first airport! Construction on the Melville Hall airport commenced in 1958 and it was officially opened in 1961, long before independence was granted to the commonwealth country in 1978. The airport is located on the old Melville Hall estate, just outside the village of Marigot, and is on the north east coast of the Nature Island.  Including the Melville Hall Airport, Dominica has two airports, and the Melville Hall Airport is the larger establishment, has greater passenger and cargo capacity and can accommodate larger aircrafts on its longer runway.  The smaller of the two is the Canefield Airport is located closer to capital of Roseau.

The Melville Hall Airport is found approximately thirty eight miles away from Roseau. The airport sits in a huge valley running east to west and is surrounded by lush rain forests and a beautiful river forms part of the landscape on the airports grounds. Although the airport is (by straight line standards) a short distance away, the drive from the airport is approximately an hour and a half to Roseau.

To incorporate international business companies a registered service provider is required. International business companies, Limited Partnerships and UK Companies are regulated and can be used for trade anywhere worldwide.

Becoming a citizen of Dominica is possible by residency, birth as well as the investment program which was introduced in the 1990s. From its inception the second passport program attracted lots of foreign investors as it served as an alternative for retirement planning and wealth accumulation by being able to acquire property and earn passive income which could come in handy during retirement or some other event or emergency. Such programs are structured to facilitate families and individuals. A second passport can be applied for upon successful application and can be very useful for freer travel to countries where person with Dominica citizenship not required to apply for visas for entry. Other second passport programs have appeared and disappeared over the years, however Dominica and St. Kitts have maintained their programs and made it possible for many families to plan ahead and protect their interests.

Over the years the Melville Hall airport has undergone many renovations and refurbishments and in 2008, more capital was put into a major renovation project, with the intention to handle increased passenger and cargo capacity, to enable more efficient ground services and to ensure there is room for progressive alterations in the arrival and departure terminals.  In addition, the extension of the runway was commissioned in order to accommodate larger aircraft and improvements on runway were made to facilitate night landing.  The airport is not an international airport and as such there are seldom any (unless private) direct commercial flights from the Unites States or any other continent. However there are direct flights from neighboring islands such as Barbados, Antigua, Martinique, and St.Lucia, Guadeloupe, St Maarten, and Puerto Rico and further off, Venezuela, Cuba, Jamaica.   These islands serve as hubs for airlines which offer services to and from this gateway.  Airlines such as LIAT, Carib Aviation, American Eagle, Amerijet service the Melville Hall airport with passenger and cargo. The International Civil Aviation association (ICAO) code for Melville hall airport is TDPD and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) code is DOM.

The functional airport car park is located to the east of the main terminals and parking fees are very affordable.  Other features of the Melville Hall airport includes souvenir shops, food and beverage services, cargo services, customer service agents for various airlines, Forestry Division (to handle plant and animal matters), car rentals services, and other ancillary services.  There are duty free shops in the departures terminal where alcohol and tobacco are currently sold. Available at the Souvenir shop is a wide range of local condiments as jams and jellies, and the locally made arts and craft items and souvenir t-shirts.

Fusion Village Restaurant features mouthwatering dishes and creamy tiramisu desserts.  Best Restaurant in Dominica and Bar is a diner’s delight, offering great service and a wonderful staff.

Transportation from Melville Hall airport is easily available and Travelers can choose from taxi services, car rental services or public transport and there are shuttle services provided by specific establishments. Taxi service rates are price controlled (by governing agencies) and list of scheduled prices to any location on island are always available, the recognized and accepted currencies are XCD, USD, CAD, EURO and PND.  The more commonly used is the US dollar which is fixed to the XCD at an exchange rate of United States Dollar is EC$2.70 to US$1. Most taxi operators do business in EC or US dollars.

The Melville Hall Airport in Dominica sit daintily tucked into the lush mountains of Dominica, and is indeed a unique airport based on its design, location and natural features about it.  No other island in the Caribbean is set out like the Melville Hall Airports in Dominica.