Dominica is a small, rugged and beautiful island. Each year many visitors come to the island and are enchanted by its beauty and the warmth of its people. There are many different types of accommodations available each unique in their own way. Accommodations ranges from tiny guest houses to lodges, villas all with breathe taking views. International hotel chains are not available on the island however guests will relax and enjoy with great holidays at locally owned hotels, villas, and guest houses. Below is a list of some of the different hotels on the island. For convenience the list has been sorted out by the different areas on the island.

Roseau and Environs.

Garraway Hotel: located on the Dame Eugenia Charles Boulevard this hotel caters to the business person. With a breath taking view the hotel is located in the main commercial area of the island. The hotel provides air conditioned rooms and internet. Conference rooms are also available.  All major credit cards are accepted.

Fort Young Hotel: Perhaps the island’s top rated hotel, Forty Young was built on the remnants of an old English fort. The hotel is located on Victoria Street in Roseau. They offer air conditioned rooms, pool, Jacuzzi and internet. Duty free shopping is also available.

To celebrate special events or for a quiet or enchanted night out, Fusion Village provides reservation services online and onsite.  By this, guests can reserve tables online and view Fusion Village Special Event. Fusion Village is sure to make a special event a memorable one.

Anchorage Hotel: Located in Castle Comfort the Anchorage is a beautiful hotel about five minutes outside of the city. They offer air conditioned rooms free internet, pool and diving. The Anchorage Hotel Dive centre is highly rated for diving and snorkeling trips and unforgettable whale watching trips.  Every Thursday night is jazz and Barbecue at the Anchorage.

Evergreen Hotel: Provides exceptional service in a stunning environment. Available are sea view rooms, tours, laundry services, wireless internet, entertainment, whale watching and diving. The rooms are air conditioned and a swimming pool is available. The hotel is located in Castle Comfort.

Sutton Place Hotel: Located in the centre of town this is the ideal location for the business person. The hotel provides beautifully decorated air conditioned rooms with cable television and internet service. Entertainment is provided by the Cellars bar in the basement.

Roseau Valley Hotel: The hotel is Located in Copthall a mere 7 minutes outside of the Capital Roseau.  The hotel is located near popular hiking areas and a short distance from the Trafalgar Falls.

Bon Marche Guest House: Located in Roseau this small guest house, three bedrooms kitchen and dining room.

Papillote Wilderness Retreat: Located around five miles outside of Roseau in the Roseau Valley this eco-friendly retreat is a nature lover’s haven. Services include restaurant and natural hot polls for relaxing and rejuvenating baths.  The retreat is surrounded by a colorful garden and rain forest where a number of species of birds and butterflies live freely adding to the beauty of the garden. . The Trafalgar falls are only a few minutes away.

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South of the island

Ocean View Apartments: Located in the fishing community of Scotts Head on the southern tip of the island. The apartments are located near the beach and prime diving spots such as Champagne and the Soufriere Scotts Head Marine Reserve.

Zandoli Inn: A five bedroom Inn with a restaurant and bar set over a cliff overlooking the sea is a vacationer’s dream. Zandoli Inn is located in Stowe a small community, thirteen miles away from the Capital of Dominica Roseau. All rooms come with private bathroom and solar water heaters.

Titiwi Inn: Located in Grandbay this inn offers apartments and rooms and reasonable prices.Overlooking the Caribbean Sea the inn is the perfect place to witness a Caribbean sunset.

South east

Jungle Bay Resort and Spa: this is a number of small private cottages located in the rain forest. On the property are a spa, restaurant and gym. The resort is for the nature lover and adventurous person. The Resort is located in Delices.

Kai Woshe Guest House: Located in the small community of Delices this is a small 5 bedroom guest house. Also available is a restaurant and bar.


Sisters Sea Lodge: located in Picard this quaint sea lodge is divided into six apartments each with fully a kitchen and private bathroom. Portsmouth is the second town and is about one and a half hours driving from the capital Roseau. Near the beach the cottages are a perfect place to relax.

Picard Beach Cottages: provides accommodations in the form of wooden cottages fitted with local and traditional furnishings. Situated near the Northern Forest Reserve there is always a fun activity to partake in.

Heaven’s Best Guest house: Located in the northern village of Savanne Paille a small community near Portsmouth offers nine bedrooms in a serene environment. They also offer exceptional dining.


Harmony Villa: Surrounded by the lush, vibrant forests of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park the villa is located near the centre of the island. A four bedroom home is ideal for a peaceful getaway.A kitchen dining room and enchanting garden gives the villa a homely feeling.

Hibiscus Valley Inn: Three bungalows near a refreshing river make for a great place to spend a great vacation.  The inn also plan adventure hikes and excursions around the island.

Three Rivers Eco Lodge: An International award winning accommodations surrounded by rivers and virgin rain forest. The accommodations include rustic cottages and tree houses.  The cottages were made using materials in the surrounding areas. The lodges all provide great privacy.