Dominica is a small independent nation in the Caribbean Sea and has no international flights or night landings however there is a good network of flights available between the islands. Persons travelling from Canada, Europe and the United States are advised to fly to one of the main travel hubs in the Caribbean from where they will get a connecting flight to Dominica. Listed are some flights which leave and arrive on the island. Please take note that flight schedules are subject to change by airlines.

Dominica (DOM) to St Lucia (SLU) (flights provided by LIAT from Melville Hall Airport)

Departure Arrive (St Lucia)

8:00 am 8:35 am*

10:40 am 11:40 am

11:30 am 4:30 and 6:20 pm

2:00 pm 4:30 and 6:20 pm

3:15 pm 6:20 pm

5:20 pm 7:35 pm and 8:25 pm

*Only direct flight to destination. All other flights stop in another destination.

St. Lucia (SLU) to Dominica (DOM)

Departure Arrival

7:55 am 8:30 am*

10:10 am 3:00 pm

1:05 pm 1:40 pm*

2:50 pm 4:50 pm and 5:05 pm

*Only direct flight to destination. All other flights stop in other destination.


Dominica (DOM) to Barbados (BGI) (flights provided by LIAT from Melville Hall Airport)

Departure Arrival (Barbados)

8:00 am 10:55 am and 2:20 pm

12:10 pm 2:20 pm, 4:40 pm and 7:05 pm

2:00 pm 8:25 pm

3:00 pm 8:25 pm

5:10 pm 8:25 pm

5: 20 pm 6:20 pm*

*Only direct flight to destination. All other flights stop in another destination.

Barbados (BGI) to Dominica (DOM) Provided by LIAT from Melville Hall airport

Departure Arrival (Dominica)

7:45 am 1:40 pm

7:50 am 11:50 pm

1:40 pm 4:50 and 5:05 pm

2:00 pm 3:00 pm*

*Only direct flight to destination. All other flights stop in another destination

Dominica (DOM) to Antigua (ANU) LIAT flights from Melville Hall airport.

Departure Arrival

6:50 am 7:30 am

8:50 am 9: 30 am

2:00 pm 2:40 pm

3:15 pm 3:55 pm

5:10 pm 5:50 pm

All flights to Antigua are direct flights.


Antigua (ANU) to Dominica. LIAT flights to Melville Hall Airport.

Departure Arrival

5:25 am 8:35 am

5:50 am 6:30 am

7:00 am 7:40 am

9:35 am 1:40 pm*

10:30 am 11:50 am*

4:10 pm 4:50 pm

4:25 pm 5:05 pm

*flights stop at other destinations.

Dominica to St Maarten (SXM) flights from Melville Hall (LIAT)

Departure Arrival

6:50 am 8:40 and 11:10 am

8:50 am 11:10 am and 3:40 pm

2:00 pm 3:40 and 8:25 pm

3:15 pm 7:45 and 8:25 pm

5:10 pm 7:45 and 8:25 pm

*There are no direct flights to St. Maarten. Flights make short stops in Antigua.

St Maarten (SXM) to Dominica (DOM). Melville Hall Airport. LIAT

Departure Arrival

7:35 am 11:50 am

8:00 am 11:50 am

1:10 am 4:50 pm and 5:05 pm

2:45 am 4:50 pm and 5:05 pm

*There are no direct flights from St Maarten. Flights make short stops in Antigua.

American Eagle flies to nonstop to San Juan, Puerto Rico daily from 2:57 pm and arrives in San Juan at 4:40 pm. Daily flights to Dominica form San Juan leaves at 6:00 am and 8:00 am and arrive at 2:228 pm.

LIAT has flights to Guadeloupe (PTP) everyday at 6:50 and 8:50 am from Melville Hall. Both Flights arrive at 11:00 am. Flights return to Dominica from Guadeloupe on Friday and Tuesday. Flights leave at 11:20 am and arrive at 11:50 am.

LIAT flights to Martinique (FDF) leaves everyday with the exception of Tuesday. Flights leave at 8:00 am and arrive at 2:00 pm. Flights from Martinique to Dominica leaves Martinique at 9:30 am and arrives at 2:45, 3:00, 4:50 and 5:05 pm.

Canefield Airport

Carib Aviation

Carib Aviation provides flights to Guadeloupe in partnership with LIAT from the Canefield Airport (DCF) on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays Saturday and Sundays. The flight leaves at 5:10 pm and arrives at 5:50 pm. ON Tuesdays the flight leaves Canefield at 12:50 pm and arrives in Guadeloupe at 1:20 pm. Flights from Guadeloupe to Dominica are available everyday except Tuesday and Friday. The flight leaves Guadeloupe at 11:20 am and arrives at Canefield at 11:50 am.

In collaboration with LIAT Carib Aviation also offers a daily flight from Canefield Airport to George F Charles Airport (SLU) in Castries and Hewanorra (UVF) in Vieux Fort. The flight leaves Canefield at 12:10 pm and arrives at Hewanorra at 3:15 pm and George Charles at 4:50 pm. A flight is also offered by the two carriers to Antigua (ANU). The flight leaves Canefield each day at 5:10 pm and arrives in Antigua at 6:30 pm. Daily, a flight leaves Antigua at 10:30 am and arrives at Canefield at 11:50 am.

Bevin’s Air Services

This is a privately owned airline which travels to St Thomas USVI (STT). Flights Leave Canefield at 12:00 midday on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and arrives in St Thomas at 1:30 pm. Flights to Canefield from St Thomas leaves on the same day at 9:00 am and arrives at 10:30 am.

Win Air

Recently began operations with three flights a week to St. Maarten (SXM). Flights leave on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10:20 am and arrive in St. Maarten at 11:45 am. Win Air flights leave St. Maarten on the days mentioned at 8:30 am and arrive at 10:00 am in Dominica (DCF).

Dominica is a wonderful place for a second citizenship. An established system is in place for processing applications from investors who are interested in contributing economically. From the time that completed applications are submitted it may take about 4 weeks or more depending on the number of applicants in a single application for a response for word from the government. It is important for due diligence results to be positive since this is one of the deciding factors in whether an applicant is successful or not. Due diligence is carried out by an independent international agency and results are submitted directly to authorities, not the registered agent. Economic contributions vary and may be more or less depending on the size of families. It is important to follow the advice of agents so that everything goes smoothly. In other islands such as St. Kitts second citizenship is a vital means of development. Applicants do not only get citizenship but can increase their wealth and possibly earn rental income or returns from some other local investment project.

Offshore trusts and foundations are specially designed for this purpose and help in ensuring that financial interests are taken care of for the long-term.