Dominica a small island nature is increasingly becoming an eco-tourist destination. With the increase of visitors to the island over the last few years there has also been a rise in business which provides services to visitors. Dominica Car Rental Services have become a lucrative business with many consistent and superior car rental service agents and companies available. Car rentals offer services such as airport and pick up and drop off. There are many available on the airports or on various locations on the island. The leasing or rental of cars can also be done through travel agents or hotel on the island. In order to drive a rented vehicle in Dominica the visitor must obtain a Temporary driver’s license at the cost of EC$30/US12 which is valid for one month. Prices of rented vehicles vary and depend on the type of vehicle rented. Available below is a list of some of the car rental agencies available on the island.

Accessing the Caribbean and the many opportunities it offers is available through Dominica economic citizenship which facilitates entry with respect to employment, trade and professional services. Investors in Dominica enjoy the possibility of investing in various ecofriendly tourism ventures such as spas as nature resorts due to the uniqueness of the island’s topography. Application requirements are strict and must be observed. For guidance, registered agents are there to provide advice and support. Visa free travel to several countries is one of the any benefits of second citizenship. Agent fees are not arbitrary; they are regulated and are calculated for the administrative, processing and legal expenses that agents incur in the process of providing support to clients.

There are lots of benefits to going offshore, some of which include being able to manage and protect assets.

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Budget Car and Truck Rental: Located in Canefield, Dominica offers cars and trucks for rent. The car rental service offers insurance, 24 hour roadside assistance, baby car seats and automatic transmission and standard vehicles. Vehicles available fro rent includes; 4×4 jeeps, full sized cars, pickup trucks, mini vans, dump trucks, among others. The price for rent range from US$40 to US$90 per day. Special rates are available for long leases.

Best Deal Rent a Car: Located on Hanover Street in Roseau offers mid size sedans, jeeps, luxury SUVs, pickup trucks and off road sports vehicles for rent. . Other services offered include roadside assistance and free drop off and pick up.

Silver Lining Car Rental: they offer a range of vehicles including jeeps, cars, pickups, trucks and mini buses. Silver lining is located in Portsmouth. Daily rates begin at US$45 and discounts are given to long term customers. Pickup and delivery can be arranged to the Melville Hall and Canefield airports.

Garraway Rent a Car: Located in Bath Estate, Roseau this reliable agency offers a number of vehicles for rent; cars, 4×4 jeeps and mini buses.

Bonus Car Rental: Located in Roseau has available for rents 4×4 vehicles, full sized cars. Special deals are available for long term rental and regular customers. The can be contacted by telephone at 1-767-448-2650.

Road Runner Car Rental: They offer 4×4 vehicles at competitive rates. Other services include round the clock customer care service. Rates for vehicles per day start as low as US$48.

Valley Rent A Car: Offers free pick up at drop off to and from the Canefield airport and also provides a courtesy Phone at the Canefield airport to facilitate car renting. The agency is located in Goodwill. Vehicles available include; Mini Buses, Station Wagons, full sized cars and pick trucks. 4×4 vehicles are also available.

Calabash Motors Car Rental Services: offer wrangler jeeps for fun and adventure. ATV’s are also rented out. Rates are subject to change in different seasons. Also available jeep adventure tours. Calabash has a courtesy service. Customers are picked up or dropped off in any part of the island free of charge. A Calabash car rental is located in the beautiful north eastern community of Calibishie.