The Canefield Airport located in the sub-urban community of Canefield was officially opened in 1982. The airport is approximately three (3) miles from Roseau the capital of Dominica. The airport was built as an alternative to the Melville Hall Airport which is approximately 38 miles away from the capital city. The proximity of the Canfield Airport to the town proved to be more convenient to many travelers. The airport has no night landing facilities and operates from sunrise to sunset.

The airstrip at the Canefield airport is approximately 3900 feet long and the airport accommodates flights from the neighboring Caribbean countries of Guadeloupe, St Thomas Martinique, and St. Maarten. The airport accommodates small planes up to nineteen (19) seats. Services offered include passenger flights and air cargo services. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) code for the airport is TDCF and the International Air Travel Association Code (IATA) is DCF. Airlines servicing the airport include; LIAT, Carib Aviation,  Bevin’s Air services and Air One Ltd. Available are private charters and planes for speedy movement within the islands.

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Protection future personal and financial interests can be done in a variety of ways. One of these includes becoming a citizen of Dominica by way of the investment program for citizenship. This first started under the heading of economic citizenship in that applicants applied by way of an economic contribution to the economy. More recently the program was further extended under a citizenship by investment option which targets persons who are particularly interested in purchasing real estate, possibly in hotels, villas and other business ventures. It is mandatory to apply for second citizenship through an agent as these are officially allowed to work with clients in this regard on behalf of government. The program is structured into two main categories for single applicants and family applicants. The person who presents the citizenship application on behalf of the family is considered the main applicant.

Although small the Canefield airport provides very reliable services to travelers. A relatively large parking lot outside of the building and parking is free. Travelers can also park their vehicles in the lot overnight but this is done at their own risk. Inside the airport a Souvenir shop is available for last minute shopping. The shop has a variety of local arts and craft and locally printed souvenir t-shirts for sale at reasonable prices. A local restaurant and snack bar located in the waiting areas has an extensive menu which includes local and international foods. Available too is an Automatic Teller machine provided by the National Bank of Dominica. The automatic teller machine accepts almost every international card. The bank itself has a branch five minutes outside of the airport. Another service readily available at the Canefield airport is Car Rental services; Budget Car rentals, Bonus Car rentals, Garraway’s Car rental services, Best Deal Rent-a- Car, Valley Rent-a- Car and Courtesy car rentals among others. Almost all car rentals services operating from the Canefield airport offers airport pick up and drop offs. Valley Car rental services also offers a courtesy phone at the Canefield Airport. The service is free and persons wishing to rent or lease a vehicle can use the phone to contact the rental service.

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Dominica has a very good transportation system. A well connected road network makes travel within the island very quick and every village or community is accessible. At the Canefield airport taxi service is also speedily available. Taxies to the main capital Roseau cost EC$50 per taxi, a rate which is reduced substantially is the taxi is shared. A taxi to Portsmouth form the Canefield Airport costs EC$150 per taxi and is less if the taxi is shared. A bus stand is located across the street from the airport making it very easy for people to use public transport. The fee to Roseau costs a mere EC$2 and to Portsmouth EC$8. Most taxi drivers accept United States Dollars which trades at EC$2.70 to US$1 This trip is less hassle for persons without luggage as the buses are very small (maximum 16 passenger) and may not be able to accommodate luggage.

Visitors must be informed that Immigrations laws require that most visitors to Dominica show a valid passport and return ticket on arrival to the country. A departure tax is paid at the airport and only in cash. Departure tax cost EC$ 55/US$21 for non nationals of 12 years and over nationals EC$45/US$18 for nationals.